Not Tired Of Internet Money Making Scams Yet?

Let me tell you something......almost everything you read about making money on the internet is a scam! How about that! Do you believe me? What, you don't? I'm telling you, it's the truth and any money you give to these scammers is money lost. There is no magic way to get rich online!!!!!!!!

The #1 fast honest source for REAL EARNINGS ONLINE

 It's amazing how many people fall for this idea over and over again.....I understand that average consumers will hold on to anything that may pretend to offer a better life, but that's all it is, pretending.........Want the truth? C;mon, what, your not ready to let go of those pie in the sky ideas yet? Well ok then, if you really like spending money versus earning it, I can't stop you.

On this page, in my world, we deal with reality. It's not that you can't make great money online, it's just a fact that these hyped programs you find, or are sent via email are not the answer, I promise you this much atleast! Are you willing to listen now!

 I know a few things that actually do work to help you get paid for working on the internet, none of them will cost you a dime either. In the following few sentences, I will go over the most trusted sites for newbies to make money online without paying. It;s up to you to try them out, believe me, or keep doing what you are already doing.


This is a no brainer. build a niche blog and write each day and after a couple of months of being persistant, you will start earning each month with targeted ads on your site or blog. Webanswers is also a great way to get started and fun to use.

Project Payday

This is actually where I made my very first money on the internet, before adsense even. I made $98.00 my very first night paid via Paypal. Pretty cool right? You can check this program out here and signing up is totally free.

Affiliate Marketing With Quality Programs

The best affiliate marketing programs have a high conversion rate. With good marketing, you can make sales by sending interested consumers to the landing page. These are the best ideas for people new to making money on the internet to succeed. I use Moreniche, Maxbounty and Project Payday to make enough money to live on each month, you can do the same.

If you really want to make your own money online and be self employed using the internet, these are the websites you should focus on in my opinion. I wish you the best and hope you meet your goals. You can always ask questions as I am happy to answer about making money on the intenet and seeking a better life by seeking online opportunitities whch make sense and are free or low cost in most cases.